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Around 90 miles to the Northeast from Kamchatka there are Commander Islands archipelago. Actually, they form the bridge with the Aleutian Island (USA). Structure of the Islands : The biggest – Bering Island; a bit smaller – Copper (Medniy) Island and two smallest ones – Toporkov (Puffin) and Ariy Stone. So, the nearest Island from the Aleutian chain – Attu Island – (USA) has located about 190 miles away.
История . Животные . Растительность . География . Климат

History of the islands
History of opening of islands, their development. People standing up for all it

Animals of the islands
Description of the Fauna: from the smallest birds to giants: whales and sea-lions

Plants, berries, trees, seaweed 

Geography of the islands
Physical and geographical characteristics of the Islands

Climate of islands - features of our weather

село Никольское . Алеуты . Алеутский музей, краткий обзор . Карты, маршруты . Туристам

Village Nikolskoe
History of the settlement, modern life at the population of people

Aleuts – aboriginal people of the Islands

Aleutian museum of local lore - the brief description

Maps and routes
Maps of the island, recommended routes

I have been running to catch the fog…
Some useful information for those who decide to reach the Islands

Пресноводная рыбалка . Зимняя рыбалка . Морская рыбалка .   . Красная икра

Fresh-water fishing
Summer fishing in the rivers and lakes

Winter fishing
It’s really simple, but still have some specific roles

Sea fishing
Fishing in the ocean always Great and Successful adventure

Federal law for the sport’s fishing in Kamchatka region

Red caviar

Food . Грибы . Фотоальбом . Гостевая книга  . Местные термины и слова

Native receptive for common snack

One more unique opportunity on the Islands – mushroom’s hunting

Collection of the photos: landscapes, people, and animal

Guest book


Words and terms 

  .   .   . Список литературвы об островах .  

Video and Audio

Культурная жизнь островов

Commander Islands Nature Reserve

The list of the literature on Commander islands
(English and Russian)

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